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Spotlight on Service Delivery- Dave Muldoon



Current position?

Director, Solution Architecture- Dublin, Ireland


The job that launched my career in tech / dev ?

My first job was in a Bank programming on a mainframe, and I quickly realised I enjoyed working with people more than green screens!

Later on, I was lucky enough to take a role working alongside some very experienced colleagues on a consulting program. I learned a huge amount there about all aspects of technology delivery and customer management.


Why I chose to work in tech /dev ?

Turning a concept or idea into a working process and seeing it succeed in the real world is pretty satisfying.

Taking on a big challenge and breaking it down into smaller pieces and bringing a team with you is also something I really enjoy doing.


What I’m working on today?

Currently my team and I are working on our integration roadmap – we have set out an ambitious vision and now we are making it a reality. We’re supporting our clients to integrate with our iConnect platform and realise the business benefits it offers.


What I bring to the tech & dev industry?

I try to bring a calm, practical problem-solving approach to each challenge we have, together with a sense of fun!

Good communication is absolutely key. I really believe that if you get the right people together in the right frame of mind and talk through a problem, usually we can find a solution within 20 minutes.


My defining career moment/high point?

I used to run an IT services business and was in charge of sales. One New Year’s Eve, I was told we had won a large deal that was going to make an impact across the entire business and our future success. That was pretty special.

We later sold the business, and that process was a very tough but very rewarding experience.


My toughest career challenge in tech/ dev so far?

Back in 2009, I was part of a multi-vendor team working with on a client large program, which had numerous challenges.

Eventually the program was halted, and in a single day, we had to take our entire team off the project. We worked through the commercial and logistical pain of that, and eventually were part of the new much bigger program which started 12 months later.


My biggest industry influence?

It’s hard to pinpoint one, but I definitely respect anyone who was in business during the Tech bust in 2001 and come out the far side. I quite admire Irish people like Michael O’ Leary, Dermot Desmond, Anne Heraty … they have had their ups and downs, they have worked for long periods of time and driven their teams to amazing success.

More recently though, I look at younger Irish folks like the Collison Brothers, and our very own Ruairi Kelleher and Mark Graham, starting a business from scratch and getting outside funding, while having global ambition is very exciting. It’s motivating to watch and be part of.


Best tax & payroll innovation/development?

I can’t look beyond our iConnect platform here.

I have absolutely no doubt that what we have already, combined with the vision for this platform will disrupt and transform the way global payroll is managed within the next few years.


My ambition/vision?

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a little bit of success in growing a local business in Ireland.

Being a part of the team that is taking a product out of Ireland to the global market is absolutely where I want to be at this point in time.

My ambition is focused on applying all my skills and experience to successfully scaling our business.


Where do you see tax & payroll five years from now?

The nature of our business is inherently based on trust.

We don’t fully trust machines, we place their trust in people. So there will always be a relationship element to what we do.

Five years from now, we will have intelligent engines which will do a lot of the heavy repetitive work and will quality check enormous quantities of data. These engines will be central to almost all aspects of tax and payroll.


An interesting fact about me…

I have some medals for Irish Dancing somewhere hidden away in a box.

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